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Went across roller bearings are round rollers or conical rollers that are organized vertical to every various other with spacers on the 90-degree V-groove rolling surface area, so went across roller bearings can birth radial tons, axial tons and minutes Tons such as tons in several instructions. The dimension of the internal and external ring is miniaturized, the ultra-thin develop is better to the restrict of the little dimension, and has high rigidness, and the precision can get to P5, P4, P2 degree. For that reason, it appropriates for joint components and rotating components of commercial robotics, rotating tables of machining facilities, accuracy rotating tables, clinical devices, calculators, armed forces market, IC production devices and crbtfvarious other devices.

Qualities of went across roller bearings:

1. Outstanding turning precision:

The interior framework of the went across roller birthing embraces the rollers to be up and down went across at 90 °, and the rollers are geared up with spacers or spacers to avoid the turning of the rollers or rubbing in between the rollers, which efficiently avoids the turning torque enhance. Additionally, there will be no get in touch with or securing sensation of the roller; at the exact same time, since the internal and external rings are split frameworks, the space can be changed, as well as if preload is used, high-precision rotational motion can be acquired.

2. Streamlined procedure and setup:

The external ring or internal ring, which is split into 2 components, is set with each other after the crbtfroller and the cage are set up, so the procedure is really easy throughout setup.

3. Endure big axial and radial tons:

Since the rollers are organized up and down on the rolling surface area of the 90 ° V-groove with the spacers, this develop enables the go across roller bearings to endure all radial tons, axial tons and minute tons. Directional tons.

4. Considerably conserve setup area:

The dimension of the internal and external rings of the went across roller birthing is reduced, particularly the ultra-thin framework is a little dimension near to the restrict, and has high rigidness, so it's many appropriate for the turning of the joint section or crbtfturning section of the commercial robotic, and the machining facility It's commonly utilized in worktables, manipulator turning components, accuracy turning worktables, clinical tools, determining tools, and IC production devices.

Went across Roller Bearings are small bearings with their rollers at the same time went across at appropriate angles to every various other in between internal and external rings. They can take tons from any type of instructions at the exact same time such as radial, drive and minute tons. The rollers make line-contact with raceway surface areas, and, for that reason, flexible contortion because of birthing tons is really little. These bearings are commonly utilized in the turning components of commercial robotics, device devices, clinical devices, and so on., which need density, high rigidness crbtfand high rotational precision.


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