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What is a 5 Paragraph Essay?

You might have heard about the 5 paragraph essay structure but if you have not heard about it then the best essay writing service is going to give its introduction. Furthermore you’ll get to know how to write it and what are its benefits.

Writing an essay is considered as a student’s nightmare in today’s world. Some students who have the capability to write tackle this task very easily but for those who find it really difficult to write, here is the explanation of the 5 paragraph essay pattern. So, before consulting an company or friend, try this exceptional and easiest pattern to write an essay.

A five paragraph essay generally consists of three parts which are contingent on five paragraphs. This structure is considered as a standard pattern for this essay but if you think that you have learnt enough about this essay and you can make changes, then you can go for it.

The first paragraph is based on the introduction about the topic. The second part consists of three paragraphs in which a total of three facts or points are explained briefly. In the third and last part, a conclusion is given.

The introduction of 5 paragraph essay consists of the background and some introductory facts about the topic. You can also explain the history of a particular topic. Moreover, if you can explain you own views about the topic, then it would be really good.

In the second and middle of the essay three facts are explained. Each paragraph of the second paragraph is dedicated to a fact. Write these facts according to the paragraph writing style like first choose a key sentence and then link the whole paragraph towards it.

In the conclusion part, cover the whole idea of your topic. You can give some further information in it too. Moreover, conclusion part contains the answers to you questions which you have stated in your above essay.

So, if you don’t want to spend much money and you don’t want to take someone’s help then try this extraordinary five paragraph essay style which is the easiest one invented so far.

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