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Gutenberg: Main works

One of the most famous and important books printed by Gutenberg between 1452 and 1454 was his "Biblia Latina", a Latin Bible, also known as the Gutenberg Bible. This book was artistically and typographically one of the best and most beautiful things created with the new printing technique at the time and is considered a masterpiece of the art of printing - . The Bible comprised two volumes with a total of 1282 pages. The first edition was probably only about 180 copies. Of these, about 30 copies were printed on expensive parchment.

Gutenberg was hardly able to pay for the upkeep of the printing press and the payment of the journeymen out of the proceeds from the sale of the books - urgent essay writing service . He therefore paid back neither the borrowed money nor the pending interest. Therefore, his business partner Fust sued him as a debtor in court.

A document from the court records - history homework help , dated 6 November 1455, became the most important source of our knowledge about Gutenberg's business relations with Fust and about the printing of the Gutenberg Bible. It is not clear from the document how the process ended. What is certain, however, is that Gutenberg was no longer able to print artistic Bibles after it and had to part with large parts of his printing workshop.

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